Jesus Loves You. Take Some Free Stuff.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius- and a lot of courage- to move in the opposite direction.” Albert Einstein

I just spent the past four amazing days volunteering as a missionary with Gamechurch at Dragoncon. If you don’t know, Dragoncon is an amazingly huge pop culture convention that takes place in Atlanta GA every year. Gamechurch has taken the notion of conference evangelism and turned it on it’s head by following Einstein’s premise.

How did they move in the opposite direction?

Making things smaller.

Most booths of any kind are big, flashy, and crowded. Gamechurch has gone the minimalist route and crafted a booth that expresses one singular message with nothing extemporaneous…Jesus and free stuff. Our tables held just a few items- lanyards, buttons, stickers, and the Jesus for the Win bible.

Making things simpler.

After meeting thousands of people who walked by the booth, we left them with Gamechurch’s core message and nothing else- Jesus and free stuff. As Mikee Bridges, the founder told us in our training, “I’m here to put out as much seed as I can.”

Making things less violent.

While we expressed a message of love to people from every walk of life and pretty much every demographic available, there were several screaming angry street preachers outside. Sure, they preached from the same Bible, but their message was way different and way more violent. I can’t tell you how many people came by our booth and thanked us for being so different. Who’s more open to be reached by Christ? the guy on the street who’s told that he’s going to hell because he wore cosplay or the same guy who walks up to us and hears this…

Jesus loves you. Here’s some free stuff.


Over the course of Dragoncon 2014 we gave out almost 2000 Bibles and untold numbers of lanyards, stickers, and buttons. It was an amazing time!

Check out Gamechurch. Join their online community. Consider a mission trip with them.

Check out our Facebook page at Kapow Church to see photos from the con.

PS…the above photo was taken by the lovely and adorable fellow missionary and only young lady on our team, Rebecca Kuebler.


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