We are Kapow! You might’ve heard the word before, either in an old 1960’s Batman episode or seen it in a comic book. The word Kapow is life’s cheat code. When it’s used as a battle cry, the next action you take automatically succeeds. I like to think that spiritually, Kapow is a lot like Jesus. He is our code to succeed in life. Things done without Him don’t matter, but when we add Him to any effort, then KAPOW! It’s an automatic power boost.

Our mission is to touch an unreached people group that exists worldwide. The group that we are trying to reach is comprised of geeks, nerds, and gamers. Missionaries cross deserts and dark jungles to tell the world about the love of Jesus; however, despite the exponential growth of videogames, comic books, and movies in our society, this culture has been predominantly overlooked by the Church at large. In fact, gamers and geeks are often ignored and villainized by the church.

There is a huge disconnect between this culture and Christianity. We want to bridge the gap between the Gospel and the geek by bringing the message of Jesus’ love, hope, and acceptance into that group.

We actively participate in this culture. We read comic books, watch television shows, play video games, and understand those who do. Because of this, we are able to build relationships and minister to others due to our shared connection of knowledge and experience.

Are you a Whovian? Do you prefer the House Lannister or House Stark? DC 52 or Marvel NOW? Missionaries typically train for years to learn the language and culture of the people they try to reach. We’ve already done that. Now we’re ready to translate that knowledge into action.

We’ve already been reaching out to this group for years as a church outreach, but we want to be more focused and effective. For the past three years we’ve done Nerd Church services at X Con, a comic book and pop culture convention held in Myrtle Beach each year. Those services have been even better attended than any of our regular services at church. Another big event this year is that I will be attending Dragoncon in Atlanta with GameChurch to minister to the over 50,000 attendees for that three day event.

Our typical attendee…

The typical person that we will reach is usually not an active churchgoer. In fact, many of them have never attended a church service or are very antagonistic to anything regarding religion or Christianity.

They don’t understand church lingo. Words like born again, salvation, and gospel are foreign to them.

They don’t tithe or give. This is a big reason we need your help. This people group is not accustomed to giving to charity at all, be it a church or any other non-profit.

They need people. This group of people likes to be involved in groups and events. They feel a need to belong and be accepted, even if they don’t realize it or voice it.

They are incredibly intelligent and talented. They have tremendous imaginations and often bring that into real life through strategy and tactics in games, craftiness with costume creation, art, and writing.

Our plans…

Like another ministry known as GameChurch, “We have to think outside of the box in order to be able to effectively reach gaming culture. There are probably a few things about our ministry approach that might seem unconventional, but the intention behind them is that we would ultimately be able to communicate the love of Jesus to as many people as possible.”

We want to create a space in Chattanooga where gamers and geeks feel welcome and accepted. Ideally, this space will feel like a mix between a coffeeshop and a bookstore.

We plan on hosting events on a regular basis to include movie nights, game nights, and relevant classes and lectures.

We plan on hosting a weekly small group Bible study.

We plan on attending pop culture events such as comic book, gaming, and science fiction conventions to hand out Bibles and witness to other attendees.

We plan on integrating into the community of people we’re trying to reach by meeting up with them where they congregate. This could be a coffee shop, comic book store, or tattoo parlor.

Our needs…

Your prayers. We are going into Satan’s playground and kicking the dirt around. He

doesn’t take too kindly to that.

Your help with funding. We need funds to pay for booths at conventions, Bibles and other materials to pass out, staff salaries, and more. We’d love to partner with you for regular support or one time gifts. I’m giving up my job to make this move and trust God.

Your help with space. We need a space to host events. We need a space to store materials and literature. We also need a place to live. I have a lovely wife and four kids. They’ll get grumpy if I ask them to sleep out of the minivan for too long.

Your help with connections. We’d love to have your youth and others work with us. We’d also love to get to know anyone you could introduce us to for help or assistance.

There are several things I’m really praying that I’d love you to pray for as well. Number one, I need several churches and families to support us financially. Number two, I’m hoping there’s a church, business, or school in Chattanooga that will allow us to use a commercial space or warehouse to host Kapow! and also room for storage or even a seperate warehouse. Number three, I know there has to be a person or church in Chattanooga that has a four bedroom house they’d allow my family to live in for at least a year while we seek more permanent housing.

Can you please pray for these items for us?

Our promise…

We won’t take your help for granted and would love to stay in touch with various forms of communication including social media, e-mails, and prayer letters in order to keep you up-to-date on our work and how your prayers are at work and how your money is being spent. In addition, our family is available to come and speak to your church. Dr. Powers is available for church services and meetings, as is the rest of the family. Mrs. Powers would love to speak to ladies and youth groups, and the Powers’ children also enjoy telling other kids about their adventures in this ministry.

About me…

I am a problem solver, but sometimes that makes me a problem creator as well. I regularly conduct seminars and consult with businesses and individuals on balancing the various aspects of life and making the pieces fit. Considered a human puzzlemaster, I have a penchant for deciphering how uniquities create a recipe for success. I am a best-selling author in the areas of cognitive psychology, experimental education theory, and adventure travel. I am a decorated veteran of both the Marine Corps and Army, a founding member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and a certified genius. I’m married and the proud father of three feral boys and one princess that we homeschool. My mission in life is to find the magical best mug of coffee in the world.

I know this might not be the typical church that Jehovah-Jireh supports, but I’d just ask that you’d consider something different to reach a vastly different people group that is often fearful of a traditional church set-up.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I am Catholic. I am a geek, a gamer, a nerd and woman. My recent boyfriend keeps mentioning the “kapow factor” so of course the science left brain part of me says says WT* is that. I don’t go to church all the time, and have been know to attend other churches just to learn more. Now this Kapow thing, is something new to me. I wonder if its actually my half american indian and half mexican boyfriend has adopted as his continues statings what blessings God he has. Hes not perfect but I happen to really like him. I don’t know enough though. Im not perfect either.

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