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Our Second Annual Shoebox Party for Operation Christmas Child

We just did our annual shoebox packing party for Operation Christmas Child. It’s kind of the first and the second one we’ve done. I say that because we helped another church do one last year before we were technically a new church. It was a weird limbo period between deciding to start a church and opening the doors. If we were Catholic you might call that church plant purgatory.

We had a great time making short work of the boxes. Thanks to our great folks collecting materials all year long we were able to fill 15 boxes!

This fits in nicely with my Moore’s Law goal of doubling our box send-off every year.

In 2010 we mailed 2 boxes.

In 2011 we mailed 4 boxes.

This year we sent 15!

That means next year our church will be looking to send 30 boxes. It’s a good and admirable goal. As a matter of fact, we’ll put the box out this week and start collecting goodies again.

As a special treat to cap off our shoebox party, we held a 1 year celebration for one of our members. It’s been one year since Charles had his stroke and he’s recovering marvelously!

Whew! Close Call with Hurricane Isaac

I didn’t really have a close call with Hurricane Isaac. I’m in coastal South Carolina, and we’re well out of range. A little rain is all we might see. Potential storms are a constant threat during hurricane season and all eyes stay on the Weather Channel every time one pops up. The habit when we miss a new storm is to breathe a sigh of relief and not think about it anymore.

I can’t breathe so easy anymore. It’s not just my home and family I have to worry about now. I have other friends in the path of Hurricane Isaac.

Jeff Cole of Project James spoke to our church a few weeks ago. He helps an orphanage in Haiti. I sent him a message to check on his kids, the orphanage, and the school. He said all was well.

I also have a really good friend Caitlin Beidler, a painter by trade who makes several trips a year to Haiti to do art projects and help out at another orphanage through a ministry called Making Roots. I checked in with her. She just got back and all is well with her folks too.

It’s not just me I have to be concerned with now. There’s a lot of folks I need to check on with just about any storm. That’s okay though. God has given us all a tremendous opportunity to exercise the care of others. I can be thankful for my safety and use that energy to help others. It’s okay to be happy that you missed danger and even celebrate it, but don’t forget that someone is in the path too.

Our First EVER Baptism at The Pilgrimage

Yesterday we held our first ever baptism as a new church. It also marked the first baptism I ever performed. And it was also my son that was baptised. What an awesome day for me personally, my son, and the son. A really nice crowd of friends and family came out for the event as well, which was very awesome!

Here’s a couple of videos of the baptism…

It was a really great event and there were no shark bites, stingray jabs, or thrown sand. A good day for all.

PS…On a side note, I was away last week in Portland Oregon for the second World Domination Summit. My wife ran the service for me and texted me after with some news. We had the single biggest offering yet at the church. Not sure what to do with that news. I’m gone, huge offering. I come back yesterday, no offering. Hmmm…