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Where Do Christians Go for Movie Reviews?

I go see a lot of movies and take my kids to many of them. Because of this, I like to know a little about the movie, even if I end up researching my own spoilers, so that I know it’s safe for my kids. Now, safe is a relative term. I’ll be more than happy to clue you in to what I regard as safe, but I’m pretty sure we won’t agree on everything. That’s fine, although many Christians are more than happy to get up in arms about it. I’ve had several really intense arguments with other Christians about our movie choices.

These days, there are two places I tend to go for movie reviews, Plugged In and IMDB. Personally, I like the IMDB one best, but Plugged In also provides the spiritual side of the conversation as well.

IMDB- Just go to and plug in the name of your movie. On the right side, you should see “Parents Guide”.

Plugged In- The reviews from Plugged In are sponsored by Focus on the Family, a ministry that can be trusted. I usually look up their reviews to get a Christian point-of-view on the movie.

I’d love to hear from you about certain things you won’t allow your kids to watch or hear. Just don’t be ignorant and start a war in the comments about it.

Here, I’ll kick it off…Profanity is an element I try to keep my kids from. I always analyze the reviews for the type, usage, and quantity of profanity.

Now your turn…

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