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Alex Kendrick Multiverse Theory

I’m a huge fan of the movies by Alex and Stephen Kendrick. Chances are, you’ve heard of or watched some of them if you’re a fan of either religious or feel good family films. I’d like to talk about Alex Kendrick and my multiverse theory surrounding his appearances in his films.

Alex Kendrick-movie-Fireproof

They’re all connected.

But first, a few disclaimers-

Stephen- I’m not trying to disrespect you at all. I realize you’re probably as involved as your brother in making the films. But since you’re behind-the-scenes most of the time, I’ll have to focus on Alex. But don’t think for a moment I didn’t notice you as a jump rope competition judge, race starter, and, my favorite that’s close to my own heart, United States Marine.

Alex and Stephen- I would kill, especially if I have to in a roll, to be an extra in one of your films. Nothing special. I’m fine being Outlaw Biker #2 or maybe Bearded Thug in Bar. Just call me guys!

This is meant to be fun and not doctrinal, so enjoy it. Although the multiverse is fun in science fiction films and comic books and makes for an interesting brainstorming exercise, there is no indication of its existence in the Bible or science. It is merely conjectural.

Let’s dive on into the Alex Kendrick Multiverse Theory.

This theory covers the movies made by the Kendrick Brothers. They include:

  • Flywheel
  • Facing the Giants
  • Fireproof
  • Courageous
  • War Room
  • Overcomer
  • Two other films are included because of Alex Kendrick’s involvement, even though they’re not formally Kendrick Brothers films. They are:
  • Mom’s Night Out, starring Alex Kendrick
  • Like Arrows, produced by Alex and Stephen Kendrick and starring Alex Kendrick
  • The Lost Medallion, starring Alex Kendrick, is not included in the list because an occupation is never mentioned, although his caring nature and love for others demonstrates the same qualities as his other characters.

In real life, Alex Kendrick has been a radio DJ, youth pastor, associate pastor, and now involved with the Kendrick Brothers productions, which includes all aspects of making movies and writing books associated with them.

How does this fit into the concept of the Kendrick Multiverse Theory?

It is my assertion that Alex Kendrick plays the same person in each movie that he is in real life, with only a few differences based on diversions in his path as he grew up.

Broken down by movie, these are the occupations or callings that Kendrick’s characters portrayed-

  • Flywheel- Used car salesman
  • Facing the Giants- High school football coach
  • Fireproof- Pastor
  • Courageous- Police officer
  • War Room- Pharmaceutical CEO
  • Overcomer- High school basketball and track coach
  • Mom’s Night Out- Pastor
  • Like Arrows- Caterer

From this we can see certain patterns, personality traits, and character qualities emerge, such as-

  • Caring
  • Leans on God before it’s too late
  • Chooses the right path following trials, tribulations, and mistakes
  • Isn’t perfect
  • Helps others
  • Encourages others
  • Inspires others to live to their potential by living to his

The conclusion of my Alex Kendrick Multiverse Theory is that the being known as Alex Kendrick grew up the same in each reality. These realities diverged at some point between late high school and college. It was at this point that an event occurred that splintered his life into various areas, created numerous multiverses and the plotlines and characters for his films. Each film is actually Kendrick catching a glimpse of one of those multiverses and projecting his dream onto the screen.

  • Flywheel- He drops out of college to run a used car dealership.
  • Facing the Giants and Overcomer- He goes to college for a teaching degree with a minor in exercise science.
  • Fireproof and Mom’s Night Out- Following undergrad he attends seminary.
  • Courageous- He goes on to college to pursue a degree in criminal justice.
  • War Room- Following undergrad he goes on to get his MBA.
  • Like Arrows- He gets a degree in culinary school and moves on to open his own catering business.

If we attach the ideas of prominence and time to each movie, we can see how close that universe is to the original Alex Kendrick. Prominence refers to how important his role is in the movie, which mostly also correlates to the amount of time given to each character.

A score of 1 is given to the roles closest to Earth Prime (Kendrick in real life). A 3 is given to roles furthest from the original, and a 2 represents those in the middle. It is my belief that these roles have a higher prominence because the traits and characteristics are more closely related to the Earth Prime Kendrick than the others.

1- Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Courageous, Overcomer

2- War Room

3- Fireproof, Mom’s Night Out, Like Arrows

I hope you’ve enjoyed my jaunt along the pathways between the universes of Kendrick. I’ll be interested to see what comes next from the Kendrick Brothers and how it adds to my theory.

With Great Power Comes More Common Sense?

Ok. What I’m wondering is, why isn’t someone taking Spider-Man’s fingerprints off this glass window, running a check on it, and finding out who he is?

We won’t even discuss the sticky implications of web-woven underwear.

Amazing SpiderMan-2014-fingerprints

This message was written by Dr. David Powers and the crazy religious wackos at Kapow. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

Spider-Woman Got Knocked Up

Awhile back I remember a big hullabaloo over a Spider-Woman cover that showed her in a very provocative pose. I also read articles about the photo stating that the pose was a common one in the animal kingdom known as ‘presenting’. It’s something an animal of the female variety would do when in heat by presenting her sex organs as available.

One thing that always strikes me as funny is the opportunism of people who ascribe to evolutionary beliefs. Claim we’re descended from animals but then get all up in arms when someone acts like one. You can’t have both.

Here’s the picture in question. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from it.


I don’t really need to draw a conclusion from it, because I know what happens next. Spider-Woman got all into the ‘presenting’ thing and guess what?


Who knew they made maternity outfits for supes?

This message was written by Dr. David Powers and the crazy religious wackos at Kapow. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!