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Cockroaches are Beyond Us

There was a recent article in my paper (yes, I still read an actual newspaper made of paper) about adapting the capabilities of the average cockroach to tiny robots. As nasty as they are and fun to squish, God created cockroaches to be pretty spectacular.

They can squish their bodies one quarter their normal size.

They run at lightning speed.

They can withstand 900 times their body weight. I’m not sure if this implies a bench press or simply ‘squish-avoidance’.

They can pull their little innards together after being squished and still run off to your pantry.

They’re rumored to be nuclear holocaust resistant.

And, guess what? It’s a nearly impossible task for the smartest minds of man to replicate that with machines, organics, or a mix of the two.


In this, cockroaches trump humans. The endeavor reminds me of that old quote about man making plans and God laughing.

Here’s a cool article on the robo-roaches if you’d like to check them out.

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Is Your Mother a Fishopod?

I found this article in an old issue of National Geographic. I thought it was a pretty good example of modern evolutionary thinking.

Many people rely on science as the definitive, never changing, be all end all of life. Though they would never claim that science is a belief system, their actions betray the fact that they both believe in and depend upon it.

As a belief system it kind of ‘forcefully inhales’ (sucks). Now, don’t get me wrong. I like science. I enjoy studying it. I enjoy teaching it to my kids. Don’t think I’m a science-hater. But, there is a lot about it that is not definite, changes often, and even requires faith.

Notice some of the wording from the article…


“would have allowed”


“may have been”

If you don’t know the answers, don’t claim to have them, and please stop creating entire species of animals from a few discovered bones.