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The Dream Daycare Center in Rwanda

I’ll tell this like a weird Christmas story. If it helps, pick your favorite Christmas tune to hum to the lyrics.

One snowy winter’s day in Colorado I hung out with Kevin Miller and Chuck Bowen.


They gave away a Saddleback Leather briefcase, that, alas, I did not win.

It stoked my lust to own one, which I eventually did.


I never realized it wasn’t the bag I was intended to meet but the owners of the bag company.

Dave and Suzette Munson were their names.

They’re crazy, but in a really cool way.

I got to know Suzette online because she can’t help but be constantly giving to others and inspired me.

She introduced me to Africa New Life Ministries and a tiny little daycare center half a world away.

Our church decided to give our entire December offering to them.

And here they are…fa la la la…

Click on the links above to meet everyone. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

PS…with two Sundays still left, we’ve already met our goal and are really excited about giving even more than we planned.