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Are Christians Sexting?

An article came out today referencing a study on sexting that was presented at this year’s American Psychological Association conference. It turns out that sexting is pretty popular, and not just among stupid teenagers who don’t know better.

That last statement…I’m sure many of you raised your eyebrows in that “Heck, yeah. He’s right” kind of way. Teenagers that do that are pretty stupid.

This study, though, looked at adults. Here are the basic results of it, along with a few interpretations of my own based on the data…

Study- More than 4 out of 5 adults do it.

I find myself wondering where they conducted the study. Was it across a wide variety of people, including different ages, occupations, religions, and marital status? Or, did they hang out in a nightclub asking people?

I’m just kidding. Based on the group reported, it was a fairly wide array of people.

What does “more than 4 out of 5” mean? If you’re going to round off, don’t round off in an ambiguous way. It makes the findings sound suspect.

In any group of people asked, unless they were sitting in a Muslim mosque or Hindu temple, you’ll find Christians within the group? That means Christians are sexting as well.

Study- 88% of respondents sexted at least once in their lives. 96% were okay with the practice.

Here’s what I’m getting at about this study. Christians have been hung up on sex since the beginning, and their efforts to control this private practice have caused way more harm than good. Over the millennia Christians have managed to turn a wonderful, healthy, enjoyable activity into one that is considered shameful, even when done within the bounds of marriage.

Look at the results of these actions. They’ve helped spawn entire industries trying to satisfy this need. If you think Christians aren’t surfing porn sites, you’re mistaken. They do it so bad there are even specific ministries set up to help Christians with sex and porn addictions. Maybe they wouldn’t do this as much if sex, even the way God intended it, wasn’t treated as such a taboo thing.

That needs to change.

Shouldn’t we as Christians be helping people understand what God intended sex to be rather than pretending it’s something that doesn’t happen? It’s easy to find Christians with 4 or more kids who act like they don’t know how it happened, as if pregnancy by osmosis is happening in the bed. Then these families will go on raising their kids and never teaching them about proper sex. They fuss when the schools want to teach kids sex ed, but they’re still not teaching it at home.

Then you end up with a Duggar situation.


So, back to my original thought pattern. I’m asking you straight up, is sexting bad if it’s within the bounds of a healthy marriage relationship? If you think it is, why? If not, why?

If you want to know my opinion on it, just ask in the comments below. I’m not afraid to shoot straight with you, but you need to engage me in conversation first.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers and the crazy religious wackos at Kapow. You can always find us at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!